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Connecting the Regions through the World’s Digital Platform

Published on Thursday, September 12, 2019

Connecting the Regions through the World’s Digital Platform

Monday this coming week our Principal Kate Schwager of KateS On Web and the instigator of the Namoi Group of Websites will be talking at the Australian Regional Development Conference at the Sunshine Coast, what an honour for her abstract to be chosen  

Her Abstract - Connecting the Regions – Through the Worlds Digital Platform, Under the Theme - Local Leadership; influence and information transfer.  

Kate will be doing a 20 minute presentation at the Australian Regional Development Conference at the Sunshine Coast on the 17th September. 

The program for the conference is available here. Invited speakers include The Hon Michael McCormack, Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, Mr Sanjeev Gupta, Executive Chairman & CEO, GFG Alliance.  

Guest speakers at the conference include Mr Paris Aristotle, Chair, The Settlement Services Advisory Council (SSAC) and Gabrielle Chan - Author of Rusted Off

More information can be found on the website.

The Abstract for the Australian Regional Development Conference 

Theme: Local Leadership; influence and information transfer

Kate Schwager

KateS On Web

Community Development Professional

Connecting the Regions – Through the Worlds Digital Platform


Modern society abounds with information across increasing arrays of platforms.  The challenge is to tackle the community as a whole, online and spread the information across a region.  We often know what needs to be done - how to achieve it, is something else. 

How we connect those communities and spread the information has long been a strategy that has been looked at.  Directories and community websites have come and gone - how do we sustain them and make them viable?

This presentation identifies the ways that have been developed in which businesses can promote themselves locally online, within a community and across a region, while at the same time transferring information between the communities and becoming a recognised valuable tool across the towns. Local people develop pride in being able to showcase their community to the world, while at the same time running it as a viable business, which is affordable to the local businesses.

The relevance of this Network is to create an information transfer hub to connect the Region through the internet.

Results are a business funded by local advertising. This shows leadership from the generator of the network within the community, to lead others and influence them to transfer information.  

This network is innovative and engages members to learn what is happening in their community.  

It then generates growth across the region and at the same time an interest in their individual communities.

This is a unique online way to showcase a region of vibrant communities, a calendar that is full of events all year round, inviting visitors to come and enjoy the region. This network of websites shows what is needed to attract investment and economic growth. It is also a business directory that overarches the whole region.

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