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3 Things You Must Consider Before You Book Your Next Snow Holiday

3 Things You Must Consider Before You Book Your Next Snow Holiday

Written by David Green

Author: David Green/Tuesday, January 21, 2020/Categories: Featured Writer David Green, Other News, Sport

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Booking a trip to the snow can be a daunting task. It can feel like there are a million different options with so many variables that layer over the top. Getting the right advice can also be tough. Now to put all of those things aside, these are the 3 key things you need to consider before you book your next Australian snow holiday (and have a blast).

#1. When should you go?

Winter of course! If only it was so easy. The Australian Snow season traditionally opens on The Queens Birthday long weekend and closes on the labour day weekend which is the first Monday in October. In between, there is a big window of opportunity to make your way to the mountains. Australian snowfall can be somewhat unpredictable but due to great snow making technology you can have a great time a lot of the time. However, there are some key things to consider when planning that can really impact your trip.

School holidays

If the only time you can get down is over the school holiday period that is OK but when it comes to booking, the earlier the better! This can be a very busy period for obvious reasons. School holidays usually fall mid July which also means snow conditions are strong, driving even more traffic. Accommodation can be booked out quickly over the period and as demand rises, as do the prices. If you know the only time you can go is over the school holiday period, start planning ASAP!

Early Season

There is no denying going down early generally means there is less of the mountain open. However, it also means crowds can sometimes be nearly non-existent and you can get some great value accommodation. You can predict the snow fall but if you get lucky and some strong early snowfall comes through, this can be a really great value time.

Peak Season

Peak season is called peak season for a reason. It also means you can pay peak prices. This isn’t always a bad thing. If it means you get the best conditions and some consistently cold weather, it's worth every penny. If you can get time in during the week, you will see much less crowded lift lines.

Weekends vs Mid-Week

Weekends are nearly always busier. It is what it is. Plus, given the drive in demand, accommodation is usually more expensive. If you can extend your trip to include some weekday skiing, or purely stay during the week, you will stretch your dollar further and avoid some of the crowds.


There aren’t many places where you can go skiing in a t-shirt. Australia in Spring is one of them. One of the biggest attractions to spring skiing in Australia is the amazing weather you can enjoy while still tearing up some of the white stuff. Spring can bring softer snow and less overall coverage but with cheaper accommodation, cheaper tickets and fair weather riding, you have to consider it.

#2. Where should you go?

When people think of Australia, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t usually snow. Which makes it even harder to believe we have 10 ski resorts to choose from! Where to go can sometimes be the toughest part of planning your next Snow Trip.

Location, location, location!

Australia is big. Really big. The first consideration is, how far away is it! If you live in NSW or QLD; Perisher, Thredbo and Selwyn are the most conveniently located. If you live in VIC or SA; Mount Buller, Mount Hotham or Falls Creek will fit the bill.There are some smaller resorts in Tasmania to consider, however, the conditions aren’t anywhere near as consistent as the Victorian or New South Wales based resorts. If you are travelling from the Western states you can easily fly into Sydney or Melbourne and catch a bus or rent a car and make your own way to the fields.

View from a restaurant in Perisher









On the hill or off the hill?

One of the biggest considerations, especially when visiting Charlotte's Pass, Perisher or Thredbo is do you stay on the Hill or in town? Staying in the local town (Jindabyne for example) usually means cheaper and more accommodation options, more shops and restaurants to choose from and can be easier to get to. However, it also means a much longer commute to get up the hill each day the odds of waking up to white stuff is significantly lower.

If you are looking for a complete ‘snow’ holiday, on the mountain is a must. While you will pay a premium for the location, waking up and walking out into the snow is priceless. Plus you can get the first runs of the day in just a short walk and have a few Apres’ drinks and not have to worry about the drive home.

#3. Rent gear or take your own?

This one is easy. If you have your own gear, TAKE IT! If you don’t, there is nothing to worry about. There are plenty of options for hire once you arrive. From high end skis and boards for mountain shredding to beginner gear to help you find your feet.

If it isn't your first time, you can always consider buying your own gear. Alec Nielsen from Genki Snow says, a good place to start is your feet. “The hardest thing to get right is your boots. If you are thinking about taking the plunge and buying your own gear, boots are a great place to start. Look around, don’t worry too much about what they look like and find ones that fit just right.”

Then you can start to consider outerwear and hardware like boards and skis.

Going to the snow can be a great trip. Whether it’s with the family, a trip with friends, or a solo weekend to get away from it all. Consider these three things when you book to make sure you have a banger of a time!


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