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Top 5 Tips For A Successful Australian Partner Visa Application in 2020

Top 5 Tips For A Successful Australian Partner Visa Application in 2020

Author: Julian Parsons/Tuesday, March 10, 2020/Categories: Feature Writer Julian Parsons, Boggabri, Narrabri, Wee Waa, Walgett, Other News

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Are you in the process of sponsoring your partner or getting sponsored for a partner visa?

Here are the top 5 tips to help you prepare your application and ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

#1. Be Thorough

While you might want the process to get finished as soon as possible, rushing through the application is not in your best interest. For starters, there is a cost and time implication associated with the process and you do not want to fail and have to do it all over again. Secondly, the process is of personal importance to you and your partner.

As such, take the time to ensure you submit accurate and complete information, thereby improving the chances of the process going through smoothly and successfully. Celebrant Fiona King has worked alongside couples looking to get a partner visa.

She recommends “working through the document checklist and answer all the questions to negate the chances of delays through the process.

Ensure the information you and your partner provide in the application is not only consistent by supporting evidence that you attach with your application.”

#2. Do Your Research

The law sets out what the requirements for a successful partner visa application should be. If you and your partner, as evidenced in your application, do not meet the laid out requirements, the Australian government may reject your request.

As such, you should conduct prior research on issues such as having a partner with a criminal record, a relationship where you have been living apart most or a lot of the time, a short term relationship, a partner with convoluted immigration history and so on.

The best solution is to seek professional advice to be aware of the implications of your particular circumstances to your application. Importantly, you will learn how to manage things best.

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#3. Be Strategic With Your Timing And Location

The location from where you lodge your application, whether it is from within or outside Australia can have implications on your ability to stay in Australia or even visit the country during the process. It can also impact your work rights. Your location will also impact or influence the Department of Immigration to grant you a visa.

As such, ensure you have an intricate understanding of the implication of your location on the visa you have as well as the bridging visas. The experts at Crawford Migration also note that it’s best to leave this work to the professionals.

They say “we do not recommend you do an immigration visa application, submission or enrolment for a course by yourself because of the high risks involved should you get caught up in your application process or experience a refusal or cancellation of your visa or study application.

A refused visa application made by you in Australia will result in you having to leave Australia within 35 days; depending on your situation.”

#4. Be Transparent

A lie, no matter how small can undo your application. Add the fact that the Department of Immigration case officers are trained and experienced in identifying inconsistencies in applications and statements therein, you not be tempted to lie.

Make full and proper disclosures on every aspect of your application. Moreover, give a correct account of how your relationships came to be and its overall development.

If you have been living apart for a long time or your relationship is young, and you have been together for a short time, you should consider consulting a professional for advice.

#5. Provide Quality Evidence, Not Quantity

When putting together your evidence for your relationship, ensure you understand what the evidence will say about your relationship. Many individuals making Partner Visa applications do not use the right evidence.

Wedding celebrant Margaret Milne has dealt with many partner visa cases and explains “for instance, submitting concert tickets without your names does not connect you and your partner. A photo of your engagement ring or a picture of just one partner will not suffice either.

Submitting a five or ten-page phone record will not support your case unless you include evidence proving the phone numbers belong to you. Another form of unreliable evidence is social media.” Careful consideration of the documents you submit, ensuring they connect you two together in the past is essential. Do not provide unreliable evidence as it waters-down your case.

Remember - Providing 10-20 reliable pieces of evidence substantiating your relationship is far better than submitting 200-300 pages low-quality evidence pieces.

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