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Hot Kitchen Trends This Year

Hot Kitchen Trends This Year

Author: Julian Parsons/Friday, May 08, 2020/Categories: Feature Writer Julian Parsons, Boggabri, Narrabri, Wee Waa, Walgett, Other News

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The kitchen is considered the heart of every home. With everyone forced to stay indoors to slow down the spread of COVID-19, kitchens are seeing more traffic than any place in the house.  In addition to preparing meals, most people prefer to eat, talk, and even work at the kitchen table, a reason you might want to consider a kitchen renovation. Depending on the condition of your kitchen, a few simple upgrades should give it a fresh new look and improved functionality. 

Kitchens have been evolving drastically over the past few years.  Bright counters and white cabinets were the trends a few years ago, with people now taking on darker and more robust-looking kitchen environments this year. You, too, can take on some of these kitchen trends to give your property, especially the kitchen, a stunning look. Some of the trending kitchen styles for 2020 include:

1. Floor-To-Ceiling Shelves and Cabinets for Storage

While open shelving may look appealing in the showroom, they certainly aren’t in a ‘functional’ home. Open shelves only show/encourage clutter and disorganisation in the kitchen. Unless you have all the time to keep these organised all the time, you should then consider floor-to-ceiling cabinets and shelves. This should not only increase your storage ‘real estate’, but also make it possible to reduce visible clutter. This storage option comes in handy in kitchens with poorly designed pantries. 

You can have the shelves and cabinets custom-designed to suit your style. You can choose between imposing marble, rustic wood, white cabinets, among other styles to match with the rest of the space. The best thing with floor-to-ceiling cabinets and shelves is that you can have everything from organisers, drawers, pull-out shelves, etc. fitted for improved functionality. 

2. Expansive Drawers

You can never go wrong with several shallow drawers and a few deep ones. Deep and spacious drawers come particularly in handy when looking to store larger items in the kitchen, including pans, pots, mixing bowls, and hotpots. The shallower but expansive drawers can be used to store flatware such as plates, spoons, etc. Having both deep and shallow drawers improve the functionality of your kitchen as compared to having just the standard-size drawers.  The other advantage of having spacious drawers is the fact that they hold their value for longer, and can also be changed to complement the colour scheme or theme of your kitchen in the future. 

3. Good-Looking but Functional Appliances

While stainless steel might still be relevant today, more and more people are showing interest in more colourful appliances. These appliances need not only be colourful, but offer the same functionality, or even better than previous ones. That said, you can start shopping for a modern refrigerator, coffee machine, or even a microwave to replace the old one. Just be sure to go for the best quality one before making the order. 

Kitchen appliance advisors at Direct Appliance Rentals say “if working on a tight budget, you can still get some of the good stuff for your kitchen.”  They stressed “just be sure to check for functionality and quality when shopping for these. You might, however, want to check out home appliances with smart features ‘or connected’ since the world is headed in that direction.”

4. A Statement Sink 

While this depends on one’s preferences, a more massive copper sink will make your kitchen stand out from the rest. Larger sinks are a practical option for the kitchen, leave alone the eye-catching aspect.  If you, however, depend on a dishwasher for everything, you can then go for twin sinks with additional features on them. Some of these come with built-in water filters and hot water options on the go. 

The new sink will also need to be accompanied by good quality taps and updated plumbing as well. The sink will reflect on how you use your kitchen. Shop for one wisely with functionality on the top of the list. 

5. Natural Materials

Gone are the days when everyone was going for laminate countertops.  Many homeowners today prefer countertops made of natural materials. Get that granite counter you have always wanted for your kitchen.  Leave the natural wood as-is and only apply a transparent coating to protect it from water damage. This way, everyone will be able to see the beauty of natural materials and surfaces in your home. Natural materials have a better appeal when compared to the ‘fake’ laminate ones.  Earthenware and ceramic plates are the latest trending kitchen materials today. 

As mentioned earlier, kitchens are always evolving. The only way to stay relevant is if you evolve with them. Just be keen to go for something you genuinely like, and a practical one that can stand the test of time. Research about the item or appliance first before engaging a supplier.


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