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Celebrating Hearts Day with Little to No Budget

Celebrating Hearts Day with Little to No Budget

Chloe Harris - Featured Writer

Author: Chloe Harris/Wednesday, May 12, 2021/Categories: Uncategorized, Featured Writer Chloe Harris, Other News, Community

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Romance is already in the air and commercials for lavish jewels and floral arrangements are all over the place. Celebrating Valentine's Day might feel like you'll have to shell out money to prove that you care, but the quality time you spend together is priceless.

Take a look at these Valentine's Day celebration suggestions that will not exhaust your bank:

Enjoy a Home-cooked Meal Together

With the times still uncertain because of the pandemic, sharing a meal at home is the safest and most romantic way to go.  

Luke Wood, food and nutrition specialist at Monkey Foodz, affirms the idea of having home-cooked meals for your Valentine's day celebration. He said, “Breakfast in bed is quite a special treat, and preparing dinner together can be way too sexy and romantic. Life's getting busy, and it's nuts if you have kids, but letting everyone have a home-cooked meal always helps."

Preparing a cook a meal for your loved one is an act of service that never failed to melt hearts. Besides helping you stay on a budget, it’s a perfect way to explore your kitchen skills.

However, if you’re really not confident with your kitchen capabilities, search for recipes from MonkeyFoodz

Pen a Letter

With all the messaging apps available, anybody would be thrilled to receive a hand-written note. If you want something budget-friendly, more personal, and genuine, love letters are top of the list.

Let him/her know that your heart still flutters with his/her presence. It doesn't mean that you'll be like Shakespeare and compose a lovely sonnet. Tell them how you’re amazed by the small things, such as the way they handle pressure, how determined they are with their goals, etc.

On-point, straightforward, and sincere works the best. Write something like, “I love you with all my heart and am grateful for all you've done for me.”

Get your Hearts Racing by Working Out Together

An exercise session together is another unique and budget-friendly idea to celebrate Valentine's Day. That blast of adrenaline can get rid of all of your stress. You don't have to go all out to enjoy a rigorous workout; even a brisk stroll should be perfect. Exercising is the healthiest form of bonding, and you can close the gap and have a pleasant conversation with your loved one.  

Upgrade your Romantic Gestures

Present a rose in your teeth like a tango-dancer instead of spending out $100 for long-stemmed flowers. It is more about the thought and how you show it. For sure, your special someone would remember the romantic gesture more than the expensive bouquet lying on the dinner table.   

Bask in the Grandiose of Love

What could be more extraordinary than a luxurious spa amid all these uncertainties? Have your DIY spa at home. Line up some candles and scatter the petals in your bedroom. Pull out some scented oils, and grant your spouse a relaxing massage backdropped by calming music. 

Ready to Make your Valentine's Extra Special?

In celebrating Valentine's day, expensive hotel reservations, lush bouquets, or a diamond ring aren't the subject of the day. No matter how many Valentine's Days you spend together, it's about reassuring the other person of your faithfulness, gratefulness, and affection

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